Resolution Tip #6 – Get It Into Writing

The last thing….well, I shouldn’t say last because I might think of something else later on but it is chronologically the last step in making resolutions…the last thing is to get it (or them) in writing.  I’m sure a psychology professor could give you a detailed explanation of why getting a commitment in writing is important to following through on that commitment and cite a number of studies to back it up.  All that this financial analyst knows is that it works.  There is something about writing your resolutions down that increases your sense of obligation to see your commitments through.  That sheet of paper bears witness to your commitment and is a tangible reminder of it.  A commitment that is strictly in your mind can be forgotten or ignored more easily than something tacked to a bulletin board or taped to a bathroom mirror.

Once you have written or typed everything out, sign and date it.  That essentially makes it a contract – a document making your commitment(s) official.  Easy enough, right?  Great!

Well, in the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.


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