Well, it’s time for an update.  Since I started addressing the small things in life, I have made three commitments or action steps:

Cleaning my side of the bed and keeping it clean

Updating the photographs on my desk at work

Cleaning the inside of my car and keeping it clean

I don’t know if it’s the accountability that this blog is providing (even though Google Analytics is confirming that nobody is looking at it), but I have accomplished all three action steps and for the steps that involved ongoing maintenance, I have kept those commitments as well.  My side of the bed is clean and with the exception of my daughter’s jacket and a New York calendar that she insists remain in the car, I have kept my car clean.  And let me tell you, it has been surprisingly easy.  I think the main motivator to do the little amount of maintenance involved in keeping these commitments is the happiness I receive from having a clean nightstand and a clean car, and also from knowing that if I start making exceptions, then laziness will overtake me and I will quickly be back in the same boat (or car) I was before.

So, what is my next action step going to be?  I will think about it for a few minutes and post my newest small happiness-inducing action resolution.


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