Clean Car!

Well, it took a couple weeks but I finally have a clean car.  Actually, it was clean last weekend but I haven’t had the time to write about it since then.   The first weekend I got most of the junk out of it and I was somewhat content with that.  Last weekend, I finally took it down to a car wash where you hose the thing down yourself and was happy with that.  Later in the day, however, my wife and daughter came back from going to tea and from running other errands and my wife informed me that she just took my car to a car wash.  I informed her that I had already spent money to have it washed that morning.  She said she didn’t notice.  But that’s okay because the car wash she took it to was one of those expensive car washes where they clean the inside as well as the outside.  The inside was cleaned and vacuumed, the windows were washed inside and out and the tires were scrubbed cleaned as well.  So, I went outside and finished the job by cleaning out the trunk, leaving me with a car that hadn’t been that clean since the day I bought it.  The perfect way to start this new resolution!

Now, let me make something clear.  My resolution was not to clean my car.  No, my resolution was to KEEP IT CLEAN!  That’s the challenge.  I’ve come up with strategies before as to how to accomplish this.  But I’ve decided to go with my wife’s advice.  She said, “It’s simple.  When you get home, you bring in everything – even if it takes you 8 trips!  Have you noticed that my car is always clean?”.    I’ve heard that advice before but I hate making return trips to my car after getting home, so I have always rejected her advice.  However, I’ve come to the realization that making return trips isn’t asking too much.  I can do it.  So, that will be my new policy, or habit.

Am I happier?  Yes!  I feel more in control, especially when I am in my car.  Things are where they should be.  My life feels less messy.  I’ve also had a few times during the past week where I was with a group of people going to lunch or coffee.  Each time, I was able to say I had room in my car to take someone.  It feels to good to know that I don’t have to do a quick car cleaning in order to squeeze someone in.  It feels good to know that I will not be embarrassed if someone accepts my half-hearted offer for a ride.  Now did anyone accept any of my offers this week?  No.  Why?  Because I have two child seats in the back and therefore, can only fit one person.  But at least I can make the offer now!

Big improvements in life make us happy but lots of little improvements have the same effect.  What’s my next little improvement?  I don’t know.  But I will think of something and let you know soon.


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