Out-of-date Photographs

On my desk at work I have pictures of my wife and kids.  Most of us have personal items at our work location (photos, calendars, cartoons, memorabilia, etc.) that serve as reminders of our life outside work.  Mostly we have photos – photos of family, photos of friends, photos of ourselves at exotic locations.  I have a photo of my wife and I along with several photos of my kids.  The photo of my wife and I was taken in 2007.  We, more or less look the same.  The photos of my kids though, are becoming…well, obsolete.  Why?  Because they are growing at an alarming rate!  The photos are cute but they don’t necessarily represent the versions of my kids that are waiting for me to come home from work tonight.  My son is 2 1/2 years old, but the picture on my desk was taken when he was maybe 6 months old.  It’s cute but it’s not the boy that will be running to the door to greet me when I arrive home from work.  Also, the longer these picture frames sit at my desk, the less I notice them because they have just become part of the scenery at my desk.  They no longer stick out.  They are no longer fresh.

So, what am I going to do?  Update the photos, that’s what!  I have plenty of good ones and they are going on my desk.  Updating the photos on my desk will make me happier during the day.  I will notice them more.  I will be comforted by them more.  I have no doubt that there will be a greater sense of joy and happiness as a result of having a fresh, new, up-to-date set of photographs sitting on my desk.  It’s a little thing.  It’s not paying off the credit card.  It’s not buying a car.  It’s something small.  It’s a tiny detail.  But the little details when added up, make a big deal in our lives.



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