There are two kinds of New Year’s Resolutions that I make each year – official and unofficial.  Official resolutions are the resolutions that I write down and follow the rules in the resolution tips that I posted in November and December.    Unofficial resolutions are ones that I make that I don’t obligate myself to – either because I’m not yet ready to commit to them or because I’m not really sure how to make it happen.  Dieting is one of those.  I’m a thin person and have never been in a situation where I needed to lose weight.  However, I’ve finally reached a point where I need to change my diet.  It is not for weight reasons but because I’ve recognized that my diet is just not that healthy.  So, why did I not make an official New Year’s Resolution to deal with the diet issue?  Because I honestly do not know enough about the subject to make a good resolution out of it.  I do recall making resolutions in two separate years to eat a certain amount of vegetables and fruits each day and did pretty well with it.  But a complete overhaul of the diet?  Need to research that one.   But another reason I did not make an official resolution out of it is that I will be doing this with my wife, who is also overhauling her diet.  So, you might say that I am joining her in her resolution.

Now, my point isn’t to talk about “official” vs. “unofficial” resolutions or to talk about diets.  I mention the above as a prelude to the overall subject of control.  The past few months have illustrated for both of us the need for control.  Control over our diet, control over our finances, control over our careers, control over how we raise our kids, control over how we use social media, control over the use of our time, etc.  We live in a crazy world where a million things are screaming for our attention from every direction.  On top of that, we have the responsibilities and demands of taking care of and raising young children.

This blog started as a blog about resolutions and trying out proven happiness-inducing ideas.  Then it became a blog that would chronicle our path out of debt.  Now it is becoming a blog that will not only cover our journey out of debt but will also cover our journey to free ourselves from all the things that are holding us in bondage.  How do we get control over our lives in a crazy world?  This blog will chronicle our attempt to do just that.  Enjoy!


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