Welcome to my latest pipe dream.  If all goes according to plan I will post a few times in the next week or so, get really busy for a few weeks, have an unusual amount of free time on a Saturday afternoon and post again, get busy again for a few days, get serious about this blogging thing again, write another blog entry, get really busy for six months, then check in again and then prompted by guilt, I will write an “I’m still serious about this – bear with me and I will be back” post before the blog fades into oblivion and winds up on the trash heap of other discarded blogs, dreams and other ideas.  I have had 1,2,3,4,5…maybe 6 blogs.  Two were for my kids and one was a Dodgers blog – all three of which were pretty decent.  The others went…well, nowhere.  This one I intend to…well, we’ll see.
So, what is this blog going to be about?  Great question!  Well, you know all those little tidbits of advice you get from magazines, newspaper articles, internet articles, books, psychologists, etc. on how to be happy, successful and better at this and better at that?  And you say “I can’t do that” or “Those are really good ideas – I should try that.” and then your eyes catch a headline about an 8-year old girl who gave birth to quadruplets on her birthday during school recess and well, those ideas are instantly forgotten until you happen to read them again in another article?  Well, this blog is going to focus on those little tidbits of advice.  You see, I am going to be the guinea pig that tries out these ideas and then I will let you know what happens.  Simple as that.  I also will share with you tips on making resolutions.  I will also post on random things as well.  That is the “Stuff” referred to in my blog title.
I have no idea of where this is headed or if it’s headed anywhere.  I’m just going to jump in and see where this thing goes.  So, here goes nothing!  Hopefully something.
Oh, and one more thing.  One more very important thing.  I am a capitalist.  What this means is that I want to make money with this blog.  I want to make so much money that I am able to quit my job to do this full time.  That probably won’t happen but I do intend to indulge my entreprenurial…uh, entreprenural….um…entrepreneurial (there we go, no squiggly red line underneath the word denoting a misspelling)…I do intend to indulge my entrepreneurial nature and try to make a buck or two…with day job likely intact.

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  2. Jeremy Park says:

    Do we get to pick which hair-brained ideas you try for us? I’ve been thinking of waxing my legs for some time now but I’m not totally sure…

    • jtp101 says:

      Don’t make me come down there and smack you around! Ha ha, I can make comments like that because this blog is not yet a multi-million dollar website run by the world-renowned blogger, so and so. Well, maybe I will try that. If it’s gonna make me happier, then why not?

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