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It’s been awhile, but I am back.  But I haven’t really missed a beat.  Why?  Because I just fulfilled my last resolution.  On Friday night, I started a calendar.  Instead of keeping it on a sheet of paper (which is originally what I had in mind), I am keeping the calendar online using Google Calendar.  I updated it with every commitment that I could think of, including normal routine things like work, bathing the kids, etc.  So, going forward, when making any commitment(s), I will first consult my calendar to see if there is room in our schedule to fit it in.   With the calendar, I will now have a visual picture of where the busy times are.  So, now I can do a better job of spreading events and commitments out so that we can maintain a sense of balance and equilibrium in our lives.  If we find ourselves getting burned out, we will now have a documented record of what has transpired over recent weeks and see if perhaps we have been overcommitted in our schedule.  If we are lamenting over not spending enough times with the kids, we can begin scheduling time to spend with them.

Living off a calendar sounds restricting, and it may very well be, but the advantage may be gaining a sense of control over our lives that we have never had before.  We shall see….